Blacklist Mobile for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Blacklist Mobile review

If you are unfortunate enough to be on the end of constant telephone calls on your Nokia N8 from your ex, from those really annoying call centres that have your number on auto dial, or anyone else that you don’t wish to have contact with, then Blacklist Mobile could well be a god-send for you. For your chance to win one of FIVE premium copies of Blacklist Mobile, continue reading…

Blacklist Mobile allows you to block calls, SMS and MMS from unwanted numbers in a simple yet effective way. When you receive an unwanted SMS, the message is automatically sent to the message bank, so you don’t ever have to read what the sender had to say for themselves. Simply open up the application and choose whether you would like Blacklist Mobile to be turned on, or off. From the same menu, you can add and remove numbers you wish to block/unblock, making it a breeze. The user is even able to see a full list of incoming blocked events that are automatically recorded in the BlackList log, which is useful for your own records, which is quite a cool little feature added by the developer.

In the Blacklist Mobile settings, there are options to Autoboot the application – this means when you turn on your Nokia N8 the application will automatically fire itself up, ready for use which can save a lot of time and hassle. Another handle little setting is the ability to automatically block calls from hidden or unknown callers, which if you’re like some of the people I know, will come in very handy. Some people don’t like to answer to unknown/withheld numbers for obvious reasons. The final setting is the ability to hide the application from the tasklist, another useful little addition to the app.

Whilst the app is great, it also has a few issues which may or may not be fixable: When you receive an incoming telephone call the phone will ring once before it is blocked by the application – this could understandably be a nuisance for some people, however i wouldn’t personally be effected by such a small issue as my phone is usually on silent anyway. There is a clever little trick that could help you overcome this issue though, that is to have a ringtone that has silence for the first second when you receive a call or text, this means when you’re using Blacklist Mobile and a call comes in from a number you have blocked, it wont make any sound when it rings, but will still alert you as you would like when a call comes in from a non-blocked number.


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