Nokia N8 bubbles unlock

Nokia N8 bubbles unlock

Unlock screens have changed a lot over the years, from the generic Nokia unlocking of tapping star on the keypad and pressing enter, to the clever Android unlocking featuring a dot-to-dot screen. Now Nokia have came back with vengeance with a new and very clever way of unlocking your mobile phone.

Just like a number of aftermarket lock screens, it enables the user to control their media player or initiate telephone calls before you even unlock the handset, however it does it in a very interesting and unique way. You simply grab one of the bubbles for which task you require and drop it on to what you want to do. Let’s say you want to unlock your phone, simply drag the image of the key onto the image of a lock – simple. Now let’s say you want to check a missed call, grab the bubble for that person and drag it onto the phone – this will call that person back.

Features include:

  • Unlock the phone
  • View new messages
  • View/Respond to missed calls
  • Control the music player
  • Control the FM radio
  • Change profile (profile timing also supported)
  • Call/Message your three best friends
  • Activate the backlight to use as a flashlight
  • Show your current location using Ovi Maps
  • Change the background of the Bubbles screen
  • Display when battery needs charging
  • Display statistics about bubble speed and distance

There are tonnes of possibilities with this excellent new feature and very useful, not only that but it also acts as a very fun way to use the features on your phone whilst the phone is, supposedly locked. I say supposedly, because you can actually still use the features whilst it’s locked, which is a rarity in the mobile phone market. This will definitely give your phone that little bit extra character and ease-of-use, possibly even making you the envy of a few of your friends.

You can get the app now from Nokia Betalabs.

Got the app? Let us know what you think.