Nokia N8 camera update

Nokia N8 camera update incoming

As we all know the latest Symbian Belle update did a lot to update the camera software, which was great, however Nokia are about to go one step further with yet another update aimed at improving several different parts of the camera’s software. The update can be accessed through Beta Labs at the moment and this was done because Nokia didn’t want us, the owners, to wait until Symbian Belle to be able to experience the new changes that are brought to the camera – which is fair enough and quite the right thing to do.

The application software will still be in its familiar style but with added enhancements to make it faster to use and more intuitive. When you move the video/stills mode switch at the top left you will see an extra slot on the right which has been used to provide direct access to the scene modes – when in video mode the exposure compensation will be in place of the flash control so accessibility is much more direct.

Much smoother video

We’ve been waiting for this one for a while, the ability to shoot video at a frame rate of 30fps to give stability we’ve all been crying out for quite some time. The code has been changed and optimised to allow this, the older code offered much less stable frame rates as you can imagine. When using the Beta Labs app, you will be able to shoot in 30fps in auto mode which provides much smoother videos – this is especially apparent when panning your view.

To read more about this update head on over to Nokia Conversations.

Note: Update is only available for users who have Symbian Anna installed.