Nokia N8 certificate error fix

Nokia N8 certificate error fix

Certificate errors and expired certificate errors appear more often that some people might think and many people aren’t sure how to solve it, or even what it means. The two issues are two completely different issues and should be treated as such; however we have the answer to both issues.

If you need help fixing a certificate error or an expired certificate error on your Nokia N8 then look no further, everything you need to is explained below.

Certificate Error

A certificate error usually occurs when your phone is set up to check online for a valid certificate for stuff such as themes and applications. A ‘certificate’ is only valid for 6 months, so if you are installing something that is older than 6 months you may see an “certificate error”. To fix this you need to disable the online checking of certificates for your Nokia N8 – this can be done by following the below instructions.

First go to your application manager on your Nokia N8 handset, which will be found in your menu. Now that you’re in the application manager, press the left soft key button which will open the options menu. From here, select settings and set software installation to all and online certificate check to off. You should now be able to re-install the troublesome item without any hassle.

If you need help with an expired certificate error, which is a different issue all together than the certificate error as explained above then check out our Nokia N8 Expired Certificate Error article.