Nokia N8 porn blooper

Nokia N8 – China release event

So, the Nokia N8 handset was released in to many thousands of Chinese people across China in the normal fashion, except this time with a major hiccup. It seems that those who were watching the release event via the internet stream were subdued to watching porn – why I hear you cry? Because some genius decided to hack into Nokia China’s network and streamed the porn clip as opposed to the live streaming of the event.

The stream was pulled from air as soon as the mistake or security flaw happened (whichever you prefer). It has left bloggers across the globe discussing the incident which is causing a ‘buzz’ to say the least. This gaffe has also left the Nokia N8 with masses of media interest and publicity, which can only be good news for Nokia’s flagship model, right?

According to Nokia Conversations China, Nokia have admitted to the transmission of inappropriate material and have added that the content was not transmitted from their servers and was not transmitted from their end.

According to their reports, Nokia are continuing to look into the incident and hope to find the person(s) responsible for the breach in security.