SoundTaxi for Nokia N8 Ovi Store Music conversion

Nokia N8 Convert DRM protected Ovi Store music to normal audio file

When some of us purchased a Nokia N8, we may have received a year long unlimited download subscription for the Ovi Music Store, which of course was pretty awesome. However let’s say for example you have 1GB of music that you downloaded from the Store, it will become totally useless after October 2011 as Nokia are discontinuing the Store.

For some, this issue will be massive – you have tonnes of legitimate music downloaded from the Ovi Music Store, however all the music that you have downloaded will become restricted to your computer and cannot be moved to a new phone or computer. Currently the Ovi Music Store allows you to change your registered computer every quarter, which is 3 months and the same rule applies to your phone. With this said, there are DRM removal tools out there and this process is totally legal – by playing the licensed audio and re-recording it to the same DRM free format.

The best software for this is a program called Sound Taxi due to its great speed of conversion and the overall quality. Not to mention the ability to download the license for the music to be converted seamlessly and automatically from the Ovi Licensing Server – this is a huge benefit of the program. Compared to other software of the same calibre, it doesn’t bring up a licensing window and stop further processing, but rather processes the rest of the files even if it cannot convert a particular files due to a licensing failure on the server-end.

You will need an internet connection at the time of using Sound Taxi, but isn’t mandatory in the cases where you have played all of the music in your library on your PC after downloading them, so the licenses are already in existence on your computer – time saving, great! A good feature of Sound Taxi is that it actually plays your music at 50x normal speed and records it again into a DRM free version. You can convert the music to .mp3, .m4a, .wma and .wav.

Sound Taxi can be bought from as little as £13.99 or £17.99 for the better version, which is an absolute bargain if you have masses of music that needs converting. If you were to have paid for the music from the Ovi Music Store, think about how much money you’ve already saved by having the 1-year free licensing.


For more information on the product, visit this page:

Free trial: Sound Taxi free trial – FREE
Platinum: SoundTaxi Platinum – £13.99
Professional: SoundTaxi Professional – £17.99

If you’ve used SoundTaxi, let us know what you think. Lots of people will find this useful, especially when the Ovi Music Store services are discontinued later this year.