Remoter for the Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Desktop remote

If you’re as lazy as we are here at N8 Geeks or like new gimmicks then you’re in for a treat with the Remoter application available on the Ovi Store. It allows you to control your PC via an easy-to-use mouse touchpad and virtual keyboard on your Nokia N8 mobile phone. You can use this application for a number of things, such as playing a different song from the comfort of your armchair or bed, no more needing to get up and go over to your computer to skip that boring song you’re not quite sure why you have.

The free version allows you to use the keypad and keyboard wirelessly over a WiFi connection and control any application, presentation software video or audi player out there. RemoterPro with Bluetooth will actually support Bluetooth functionality, so if you don’t have WiFi access you’re still able to use the application as you otherwise would over a wireless connection.

Remoter is perfect for anyone who hates having to get up to change the song on their iTunes, or even chat to your friends via MSN or any other chat program you use without ever leaving the comfort of your chair, bed or whatever else you relax in. This makes it an very appealing application to those of us who are somewhat idle, especially if you’re me – the application is a god-send. I’ve spent many hours chatting over MSN using my Nokia N8 to chat over the 42 inch screen that is mounted to the wall to all of my friends in the comfort of an armchair.

You need to have your phone in the same subnet with the server and your firewall may need to be configured to allow access on TCP port 12345 and UDP port 12346. This isn’t always a requirement, such as with my computer I use ZoneAlarm at home or if i’m using my Mac, i never need to use a firewall – viruses are very rare of Mac computers – good for me, huh?

To sum things up, Remoter for the Nokia N8 is a very useful and energy-saving (in human terms) application and will leave you marvelling in the joy at watching your friends cringe with envy as you use your phone as a keyboard and keypad.

Price: FREE
Download: Download Remoter for Nokia N8