Nokia Diagnostics for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Diagnostics app

Nokia Diagnostics is a tool that allows you to troubleshoot issues that may encounter with your Nokia N8, for example; test the phones battery charger, the earpieces, loudspeaker and lots more as outlined below. The tool can even configure your Nokia N8 to use a different Internet Connection (i.e. moving from one WiFi network to another) and can automatically identify the right internet settings for you.

For instance, when you need to configure your Nokia device on a different Internet Connection (like moving from one Wi-Fi network to another), Nokia Diagnostics can automatically identify the right Internet settings for you.

Just a week ago Nokia Beta Labs launched their Nokia Diagnostics application for the Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices, bringing with it excellent functionality and a range of different diagnostic tests for your mobile phone. With the latest release you are able to use the following tests;

• Vibrating alert
• Memory
• Battery charger
• Memory card
• Cameras
• Keypad
• Screen
• USB cable
• Web browser
• Network coverage
• Data coverage
• Earpiece
• Microphone
• Loudspeaker
• Headset

If you want to use the Nokia Diagnostics application on your Nokia N8, you will need to download and install the PR 1.1 firmware update before you can do so. Other Symbian^3 devices aren’t required to have the update – for some strange reason.

In order for the application to work correctly and as intended, you will need to install it on your phones memory, not external memory such as a memory card.

To download the latest version of Nokia Diagnostics visit Nokia Beta Labs.