Nokia N8 expired certificate error fix

Nokia N8 expired certificate error fix

Certificate errors and expired certificate errors are an extreme annoyance, for novices and mobile veterans a-like. Most people are not sure how to fix this or even what it means. The two issues are two completely different issues and should be treated as such; however we have the answer to both issues.

If you need help fixing a certificate error or an expired certificate error on your Nokia N8 then look no further, everything you need to is explained within this article.

Expired Certificate Error

An expired certificate error occurs when an application or theme is over 6 months old and its’ certificate has expired; certificates will only last for 6 months from the date of issue. To solve this issue you simply need to set the date on your Nokia N8 to 1 year prior to the current date – then install the troublesome item and then put your date back to how it was before installing. That’s it, you should now be able to successfully run what you wanted to.

If you need help with a certificate error, which is a different issue all together than the expired certificate error as explained above then check out our Nokia N8 Certificate Error article.