Swype for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 gets Swype

Swype, what on Earth is Swype i hear you ask? Well Swype is a cool technology that allows you to type with one continuous swipe of the finger or stylus and this prototype technology enables its user to input words faster and easier than ever before, claiming the user can write at over 40 words per minute – making it a breeze (apparently) to communicate on your Nokia N8.

Such technology will probably be more of a hindrance than a help to many people, in particular the tech savvy teens of the World. Mobile phones such with keypads may well be old, but as you can see from the World Texting Championships (yes, that actually have a competition for it)!

Swype isn’t just for the mobile phone industry, its’ technology is used in tablets (not the oral kind), televisions, virtual screen and much more. If you’re curious as to exactly how Swype works and what you can expect from it take a look at the video clip below.