Can you turn off red-eye on Nokia N8

Q: “I’m pretty new to even considering buying an N8 as my next phone. One thing I’m looking for in my next cell phone is the camera. 2 years ago I spent too much on the Sony-Ericsson C905a because of the camera. One thing I don’t like is that when taking video, there is a red light (for focus / range-finding) which can not be turned off. Does the N8 have that?? In reading articles about the N8, I see different camera specs, I’m thinking they vary by year. Is that correct? Is a new N8 being released for 2011? THANK YOU!! Rob”


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Hi Rob, you can actually choose to have the range finder (as you call it) or the red-eye compensator as it is known on or off. Also it's automatically used when the Nokia N8 finds a face, so it ensures there will not be no red-eye in any pictures you take. Also we don't believe there will be newer version of the Nokia N8 released, in terms of hardware or software specifications - they are likely to only ever released the exact model they have now, maybe with firmware variations but that's about it.

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