Issue sending text messages accessing and mass memory

Q: 1. I cannot get access to my messaging menu except through conversation 2. I cannot send new text messages even from my contact menu. 3. I cannot access certain files from my mass memory if i go through file manager.


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You could try deleting all of your conversations and then see if you can get access to the messaging menu - failing that try restoring to factory defaults, there is an option to do this but without erasing data, choose this option and your data should be all intact after resetting. It's a good idea to backup stuff just in case the worst happens.

The files on the mass memory may either be corrupt or a wrong filetype, if you know that they are not corrupt or of the wrong filetype, try deleting them from the mass storage and replacing them with the exact same file - if that doesn't work, try formatting the memory card and re-adding the files.