Nokia N8 appears slow after reaching 1000 messages

Q: the cell appears to be slow sometime and the conversation gets pretty slow wen messages pass 1000 is it a hardware flaw..??? Do u think they should add more ram…just wondering wedr i m right or not….its for my GK


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If you're referring to text messages and your Nokia N8 slowing after reaching 1000 SMS's, then sadly we're not entirely sure what may be causing the issue. The issue will not be related to RAM, that's pretty certain, however it could be due to an internal software issue, though we cannot be too specific about the exact problem.

the Nokia N8, in our opinion, is sufficient enough for 90% of peoples requirements on a mobile phone. Even the iPhone 4 slows down to a halt at times with double the memory the Nokia N8 has - we don't think they will be adding anymore RAM to this particular model, or if they do, it will be when they bring out a predecessor to the N8.