Nokia N8 uninstall themes and apps

Nokia N8 How to delete themes and apps

Okay, this is a pretty simple task that most people will already know about, but for those of you who are new to the Nokia N8 or just haven’t figured it out yet, we’re going to share with you how you can delete unwanted or corrupt applications and themes from your Nokia N8 with ease. Maybe you’ve downloaded a theme that you initially liked, but now realise it has a colour scheme that you detest – simply delete it and all is not lost.

With themes you can really change and personalise the way your Nokia N8 looks, with different backgrounds, menus, colour schemes or text and icons. As there’s so many available you will eventually download a theme that you don’t like, but on first glance you thought would be a good idea.

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You may even find yourself downloading applications that, in reality, suck. I’ve done it myself on many occasions, downloading applications that appear to be good on the outside, but when you actually download them and start playing around there actually not quite what you thought they’d be – either that or you find they are corrupt or have a certificate error that you cannot rectify.

To delete themes and apps, simply press the Menu button on your Nokia N8 to get started. Now click on Settings and navigate your way to Application Manager. Click on Installed Applications and scroll down until the point you see the names of the themes or applications that you no longer want. Tap and hold the theme until a new menu appears and click Uninstall and the theme or app will be permanently deleted from your Nokia N8 mobile phone.

For those of you that already knew how to do this, don’t worry, this guide is mainly aimed at people who are yet to figure out the deleting method for themes and applications. It’s safe to say that it took my a good few days when i first got the Nokia N8 until i figured out how to delete the themes and apps i no longer wanted.