Installing apps and jar files on Nokia N8

Nokia N8 how to install .jar files

If you want to install a game or any other .jar file, then we have the solution for you. For someone who has never used a Symbian device, it could be a daunting task trying to find a way to install .jar files you download from the internet or otherwise.

The solution is simple. You first need to connect your Nokia N8 to the computer containing the .jar file, once done you will see a notification in the top left corner of the screen – quickly tap this notification before it disappears and choose “Mass Storage”, make sure it says active just below.

Now that you have done this, you should find the .jar file that you wish to install and choose the Nokia N8, which will show as a storage device on PC’s, or on Mac’s it’s displayed as a storage device named “Untitled” – from this point click on the storage device and put the .jar file within the “Installs” folder.

Now that the file is on your phone, you now need to install it. Eject your Nokia N8 device and disconnect it from the mobile phone. Now on your phone, press the Menu button (bottom left of the phone) and choose Settings > Application Manager > Installation files – now choose the file you put onto the phone in the earlier step.

It should now begin installing your app, once installed you can run it via the the Applications folder in the Menu.