Nokia N8 macro mode tips and guide

Nokia N8 macro mode guide and tips

The Nokia N8 camera is powerful, packing a massive 12 mega-pixels and image clarity that is, simply put, amazing. The phone’s camera is there to be used and utilised to its full potential and macro mode is a great way to to take beautiful close up photographs, be it of nature of whatever you choose.

There is a function on the Nokia N8, called close up mode (macro mode), which basically allows the user to take photographs that are as close as 10cms without the image being distorted and coming out with detail that is mesmerising. As a general rule of thumb, the closer you are to the target the deeper the depth of field is applied to the background.

To take your own beautiful close up images, follow the instructions and tips below and you’ll soon be taking amazing photos just like the one at the bottom of this article – it’s always good to remember, too, that lighting is essential for the best photo’s.

Turning on close up mode

To take close up images that offer the best quality, you need to turn on close up mode on your Nokia N8, to do this press the Camera button on the side of the Nokia N8 – tap the 3rd option down on the right side of the screen whilst in Camera mode and then choose Scene mode and tap Close-up.

That’s it, you’re now in macro mode.

Nokia N8 macro tips

Zoom – First and foremost, when shooting in macro mode it’s good to use the zoom function to a certain degree. The zoom on the Nokia N8 is 2x at it’s most powerful setting. The detail at this level is very detailed and looks better as there is less noise in the picture. You should note that the Nokia N8 focuses from 10cm to 60cm in macro mode, but you can go closer to your target whilst zooming.

Positioning – The phone should be positioned on the subject so the focus is very precisely focused, either in the foreground or the background, depending on the type of photograph you want. You should take a look at the target from several different angles to get the best focus possible. When taking photos, you should shoot several photos and then choose the one your most comfortable with.

Flash or no flash – When you’re shooting outdoors, for example when the subject is nature, you should turn off the flash in most circumstances so you don’t distort the image. When taking photos indoors which has poor lighting, it’s best to use the flash – though if possible use a better lighting solution.

Cropping – A great way to emphasise a particular part of a picture is to crop the photo. The image quality of the Nokia N8-shot photo will not be compromised, but will give the subject more emphasis. You shouldn’t crop the photograph so much that there is noise in the shot, so be careful with that.

Photograph taken by N8 Geeks reader Jinesh

Whilst we’re not professional camera-phone photographers over at N8Geeks, we like to think we know a thing or two about the Nokia N8 – so take a look at the tips we have for you guys and, if you manage to take any, feel free to share your photographs with us by emailing them to Maverick(at) and we’ll feature them on the site.