Magic Brush for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Magic Brush review (and competition)

Magic Brush I hear you cry? Yep, it’s an excellent application for those of you out there who love to draw, paper just sometimes doesn’t cut it. With Magic Brush you can take your artistic flare and create awesome drawings whilst on-the-go, wherever you are. For your chance to win one of FIVE premium product keys, continue reading…

Anyone with artistic flare, or even anyone who just love to doodle, this application will keep you hooked for hours upon hours. There are many different tools to choose from, which obviously create different effects when used – for example there is a symmetrical tool, used for creating symmetrical drawings i.e. when you want an image that is mirrored on all axis. There’s also a mirror tool, which is similar to the symmetrical tool however is only used on two axis.

After having a brief go ourselves, we managed to creating some quite interesting images (though it’s worth noting we totally suck at both drawing and imagination) – the possibilities are endless in this feature rich artistic drawing application. If you’re good with drawing or not, you will definitely be able to create imaginative and captivating images without having to work too hard.

Once you’ve selected a brush (such as symmetrical or butterfly for example) you’re able to choose the settings for that particular brush. The settings allow you to change the density of each brush, the thickness and the shade (from light to dark) so you have tonnes of possibilities at your fingertips. As you would expect with a drawing application, you’re able to erase portions of your creation, start on a new page and even save your imaginative creations.

As said already, if you like to draw or just even doodle, you will definitely love this application.

Win one of five licenses for the premium application worth €5.00 each

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