Micro Pool for the Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Micro Pool review

It’s review and contest time again. Today we will be reviewing Micro Pool by Botond FM for the Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices, which is an excellent pool simulation game that offers a fantastic atmosphere, great realistic graphics and sounds that you would imagine hearing in the real world – something that allows you to kill some free time but also have tonnes of fun, which is always a good combination.

Micro Pool gave us the game to review and also has given us TEN copies to give away to our readers, so if you’re interested in winning a copy of the game read on through the review to find out how…

Micro Pool features 4 different pool games, such as 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Killer and Speed with 3 different tables and different difficulty levels for both beginners and pros alike. When you first start up the game, the first thing you will notice is the simplistic yet effect user interface, which not only looks pretty awesome and also uses spaces in a really effective way.

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The 8-Ball version of pool

8-Ball is the most popular and most played variation of pool, both professionally and non-professionally. The object of 8-Ball pool is to pot your coloured balls before the opponent, as simple as that. There are solid colours and stripes, If you pot a ball first, for example the striped ball then you must continue to pot the striped balls until they are all cleared off the table – the first to pot all of theirs, wins.

The 9-Ball version

The object of 9-Ball in the game is to pocket the balls in a sequence. Therefore, the player has to try to pocket the number one ball, then proceed to pocket the two ball and so on until all of the balls are pocketed in order. The winner of the game is the one who pockets the final ninth ball, which is the winning ball.

For those of you who are new to pool, when playing the 9-Ball variation of the game you will see which ball you need to pot in the bottom left corner of the screen, making it a breeze to play and no weird new rules to understand or master before you can even send the cue ball hurtling towards your needed ball.

The game both appears and feels like a very polished game and has features that you would expect to find in a pool game on the Nokia N8. To aim your cue, you simply use your finger to drag the cue in the direction you wish to shoot and can be fine-tuned using the left and right arrows as seen in the screenshots above – giving you the precision you will probably need during those heated intense games.

To take a shot and choose your power, you drag the cue on the right side of the game, which looks just like the cue in your main game area, but replicates it and gives you a way to properly gauge your power. You can even put top and bottom spin on the ball using the white cue ball in, again, the right side of the game area. Simply tap the top, right, bottom, left or middle of the cue ball and your white cue ball will spin depending on which side you choose – backspin and topspin are awesome ways to master the game and become a pro.

In-game itself, the game has beautiful graphics that won’t let you down and has sound effects that offer a realistic sound and doesn’t appear to bore you after neigh amount of time. Overall, the game is excellent and is well worth the price tag that it demands, both functionality and graphics are a great selling point of this game and it all comes packaged in a relatively small file.


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Price: €1.50 / £1.50 (60% off for a limited time)
Download: Download Micro Pool for the Nokia N8