Nokia N8 torture test

Nokia N8 multi-tasking torture test (or is it?)

A video has appeared regarding multi-tasking on the Nokia N8 and how it can apparently handle many intensive applications. It’s hard to know what exactly the phone is capable based on the video, but it seems the applications that were running in the video weren’t exactly CPU-intensive as you can see below.

The video shows many applications running simultaneously on the Nokia N8, however it seems these applications aren’t exactly torturing the phone as the video title suggests – the apps that were running were ones such as the photos, music player and calendar.

We opened four three games and an app ourselves on the Nokia N8, those being Angry Birds, Need for Speed Shift, Sparkle and Socially – however we noticed there were no issues with the quality or responsiveness of the mobile phone.

To test our theory better, we will make a multi-tasking video with many CPU-intensive apps at a later date that offer better ‘torture testing’ than that of the video above. We reckon we can get 30+ games and applications running without any major disruption to the phone – i guess we will find out soon enough.