Nokia wall of fame - Nokia N8 photos

Nokia N8 – Nokia january wall of fame winner

As you may already know, the Nokia N8 has an extremely powerful camera built-in to the already marvellous hardware, giving it a great edge over many phones in the smartphone market today. The 12 mega-pixel camera can take photos that rival many of the professional cameras out there and this months winner of the Nokia wall of fame proves that.

The winner, kamuscasio, took the pictures from his Nokia N8 using some excellent lighting to give some truly amazing photos. He decided to take pictures of his Transformer-like figurine (actually called Gundam), which turned out exceptional considering that he used a few lamps and a white piece of paper to achieve his effect.

Check out the rest of his images over at his blog, which can be found here.

If you take a photo using your Nokia N8 to achieve awesome photographs such as those taken by this months winner, please feel free to send them in to Maverick(at) and we’ll feature them on the website – happy snapping!