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  1. Rating: +2

    What operating system does the Nokia N8 use?

  2. Rating: -4

    When I go to settings, phone mangement, device updates, options check for updates it come back saying invalid user name and password. I've tried entering my Ovi Store details but no joy. Any ideas? Many thanks Tim

  3. Rating: +1

    why does my n8 keep restartin??????

  4. Rating: +6

    How to turn off clock screensaver on Nokia N8

  5. Rating: +1

    Deleting SMS from outbox

  6. Rating: +2

    I am not able to install nokia n8 ovi store please help me

  7. Do you have a link to the leaked N8 PR2.0? I can't find one anywhere on the web and it's not on navifirm.

  8. Is PR 1.1 available for Nokia N8 in USA?

  9. Rating: -3

    Nokia N8 not accepting default lock code after restore

  10. Rating: +1

    Will Nokia continue to support Nokia N8?

  11. Rating: -2

    Fixing Nokia N8 restarting issues.

  12. Rating: +1

    Nokia N8 changes back to default themes and settings after connecting to computer

  13. I have purple screen on my Nokia N8 - what is it?

  14. Rating: +0

    Will Nokia continue to support the Nokia N8 after the Nokia and Microsoft deal?

  15. Rating: +1

    Why do i get Invalid Server Name on my Nokia N8?

  16. Rating: +1

    Can you please help me with how to do copy and paste while creating an SMS text message .

  17. Rating: +1

    Can I run windows 7 on my nokia n8?