Fixing Nokia N8 restarting issues

Q: it has been almost a month now i bought my nokia N8.But from the very first beginning it restarts automatically.I’ve noticed some major points this restart situation is a must.

1.When I’m listening songs.It restarts most of the time in a middle of a song.

2.Downloading files from OVI Store via WIFI.

3.After browsing OVI Store for some time.

4.Using a web connected widget in my home screen.

5.After playing games like SHIFT,ASPHALT 5 HD.

I’ve done the recent over the air update,But it remains the same.

Please help me with any kind of solution.


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You should try restoring your Nokia N8 to factory default settings. If this doesn't help, you should restore your phone to default setting and delete all data, too. For more information on how to do this, see our help article 'Fixing Nokia N8 software issues' and read "Restore factory settings" header.

If this doesn't solve your issues, you should take your phone back to a Nokia Care Centre for diagnosis and possible replacement.