Nokia N8 Changes back to default themes and settings after connecting to computer

Q: Hi, I am Bryan from Manila, Philippines. I just got my N8 and there seems to be some software glitches.when connecting my USB the UI changes back to its default themes and settings, Also, the video and camera settings seem inconsistent. The picture sometimes look washed out..Album art does not sync well despite that Ovi shows the album art as well as Windows Media.Its organizer does not look organized on the Video and Music Player.I assume some of you have had this.Does Nokia already know this and working on the software stability for N8?As a camere-centric phone it also lacks features,such as touch focus.I little enlightenment from you N8geeks would be greatly appreciated. Thank You


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Hi Bryan. When you connect your Nokia N8 to a PC or laptop, the UI always changes back to its default settings. Not only that, but you cannot access applications that you've downloaded or any other items - but they're still on the phone, so be rest assured and this definitely isn't a bug or glitch.

The issues you mention in your question will probably be addressed in future updates, they don't sound like they're issues that are just confined to yourself.