Nokia N8 device update invalid username and password

Q: When I go to settings, phone mangement, device updates, options check for updates it come back saying invalid user name and password. I’ve tried entering my Ovi Store details but no joy.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


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Tim, first check that you do not have a Server Profile set-up. To do this, rather than choose "Check for updates", choose "Server profiles" - if you have any server profiles there and you don't have any use for them (they're not required as default) then delete it. Once deleted, try and search for updates again - you should find this fixes the issue.

If this doesn't solve your issue, you may want to try a hard reset (you won't lose any data), which is explained in our article which can be found here. If this does NOT solve your issue, reply to the e-mail that is coupled with this answer and we will ensure you fix this issue.