Nokia N8 Ovi Maps

Nokia N8 Ovi Maps demo

Everyone loves to know where they are, be it in terrirtory they already know or a place where they are essentially in the middle of a haystack, so-to-speak. That’s why Nokia N8 Ovi Maps is such a great tool whilst you’re on the go (or even sat in a pub, whatever, you get the idea).

Pinch and zoom isn’t new on mobile phones, but the ability to pinch and zoom on a Nokia device within Ovi Maps definitely is. Not only is Ovi Maps packed with excellent features, but it’s also free – yes you read correctly, free! Whilst on mobile devices such as the iPhone, developers are offering their Sat Nav apps at around £54.99 (EUR 65.00) – yep, not cheap.

Check out the video below for you a hands-on demo of the Nokia Ovi Maps on the N8 so you can see how it will operate and the cool features that it has.