Nokia N8 Ovi Maps

Nokia N8 Ovi Maps v3.06 update

Back in September we mentioned how the Ovi Maps v3.06 beta update was available for the Nokia N8, however they have now released the update for the general public. Ovi Maps for the Nokia N8 is a great free utility that allows you to easily see their location on a map, explore the local area and check out other places around the world all via your Nokia mobile phone.
With this application, users can easily see their location on the map, explore various places around them or on other areas of the world, and even share those places.

The new update adds the ability to check-in to various places via the Foursquare and Qype! support. You can check in to Foursquare and share your location and what you’re up to via your favourite social network, such as Facebook. Once you’ve already checked in to a place, your Nokia N8 will remember that place, so there’s no need to continually re-type where you’re at for places you frequently visit.

There are tonnes more new features for the update, however if you want a full changelog of new features and fixes, check out our Nokia N8 Ovi Maps v3.06 changelog. You can now even download the new Ovi Maps update via the Ovi Store.

Download: Ovi Maps v3.06 for the Nokia N8