Panoramic wallpaper for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Panoramic Wallpaper

Pano Wallpaper for the Nokia N8 is an application that allows you to turn a photograph or any other image in to a panoramic wallpaper. This means you can have one continuous wallpaper on your home screen, covering all 3 screens, giving it the panoramic effect and making it look sleek and stylish – let’s face it, the default images on the home screens are pretty boring.

Pano Wallpaper splits one picture/image in to three different portions, giving each home screen a different portion of the image, so when you’re scrolling from left to right it seems as though it’s only one continuous image (well, it actually is). The only issue with this application is you have to manually add the images to the home screens yourself, which isn’t really difficult, but would of been nice if the feature was integrated in to the application itself – time saving is something everyone loves.

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If you want to get yourself a panoramic wallpaper on your Nokia N8, follow the instructions and you’ll have an awesome panoramic wallpaper in no time.

  1. You need to first install the application (duh) which can be done via the Ovi Store app on the phone itself. Go there and type “Pano wallpaper” and install the item that the search function finds.
  2. Open the application once installed open the app. Tap on “Select” at the top of the screen and choose a picture at your own discretion – you will need to choose the storage that the particular image is installed onto – if the image is from your camera, do the following: Choose E: Mass Memory > Images > Camera > Folder > Now choose your image.
  3. Now that you’ve selected an image choose either vertical or horizontal, whichever way you want the wallpaper to be displayed (vertical is default). Once done, tap “Start” and your image will now be dissected in to 3 different wallpapers.
  4. Now that you have 3 different wallpapers, you need to add the wallpapers to each home screen. To do this, go to the home screen by pressing the menu key. Now, tap “Options” and then “Edit Home screen” and then tap “Options” again and choose “Change wallpaper” and choose “Image”. Now tap on the first image out of 3 and then tap “Done”. You now need to add the other 2 images, so swipe your finger to get to the next home screen and repeat the steps above for home screen 2 and home screen 3.
  5. That’s it, you’ve now successfully added a panoramic wallpaper for your Nokia N8.

The application is pretty awesome, even if it is simple and lacks features. But it does make your home screen look really awesome. It’s only just been released on the Ovi Store, so head on over to the download link below to get your copy and make your phone looking awesome in no time at all.

Price: FREE
Download: Pano Wallpaper for the Nokia N8