Nokia N8 photo quality

If you are still yet to check out the awesome quality of the photos in the Nokia N8 then we have a nice find for you. All of the photos on this page were taken from a Nokia N8 mobile phone and were uploaded without being edited or modified in any way, shape or form – so what you are seeing are genuine photo quality results from the N8.

These days mobile phones with cameras can pack the quality of that of a digital camera, which is pretty awesome considering. Having the ability to use your mobile phone as a media/entertainment device, as a phone and even have the ability to take photographs, is what most people look for a in a phone – unless you’re less tech-savvy or caring for such features. The Nokia N8 does just that, it offers great entertainment value, can be used as it’s intended (i.e. a phone) and even take photographs of unearthly qualities.

12 mega pixels sounds just great, but does the Nokia N8 truly show superior quality in its’ photographs? Well, the short answer is yes – take a look at the photographs for yourself (note: click on thumbnail for higher resolution image).

What can we expect from cameras in mobile phones in the future? Does the photo quality live up to your expectation? If we can already get the quality of a digital camera into a small device such as a phone, how much exactly can this technology grow or be improved? I’m not too sure myself.