Nokia N8 PR 2.2 leak

Nokia N8 PR 2.0 leaked

So Nokia have delayed the PR 1.1 release yet again, however whilst we’re waiting for it to arrive on our Nokia N8′s, due some time in February, it appears that a possible PR 2.0 has been leaked. As you see from the video below, the QWERTY keyboard looks great, but this may not be the final release version – though to be fair there aren’t too many different designs they can consider.

The response times on the PR 2.0 Nokia N8 release appear to be much faster and smoother. For example, when scrolling on N8 Geeks or any other website with the current release version, we found it takes around another 40 seconds before it’s scrolled to the second one – the one on the video is much faster.

The keyboard is apparently Finnish earmarked as you can see from the video, so this suggests that this may be a leak from within the Nokia company in Finland. If it is, you can certainly expect the person who leaked this to get their asses fired, but for us, it’s a great insight into the PR 2.0 software release. We believe this is an official leak, but whether it is or not is not 100% certain, sadly.

Do you think the Nokia N8 PR 2.0 will be a massive improvement on the PR 1.1 release (which were yet to see) and what changes would you like to see?