Nokia N8 Prices

As the release of the Nokia N8 looms ever closer, prices of the handset have been disclosed by Nokia. They are suggesting a price of around EUR 370 (about £260); however these prices exclude VAT – so with VAT added and taking into consideration of what other companies think it will be worth, we’re looking at a price of around EUR 510 (£420).

This will come as fantastic news to any potential buyers and at such a low price for such excellent technology, it’s almost a total steal. The Nokia N900 was arguably of a lower specification than the Nokia N8, however it cost up-to £100 more compared to the N8.

As compared against phones such as the iPhone 4 and Xperia X10, the Nokia N8 is definitely more affordable and of a quality that matches it’s rivals – but will it become more desirable? Only time will tell.