SecretWallet for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 privacy protector

If you often get phone calls and messages from someone and don’t want another person you know see these calls or messages, but want to hide them from their view, then this app is what you need. No other person can see the phone (missed, dialled or received) calls or messages (inbox and sent items) because they are automatically transferred to this handy little application – to view the files within the app, you require a password.

You can even get alerts based on a user defined message rule or even play a ring tone as per the user settings. All messages from specified telephone numbers will be sent to the secret wallet application, leaving any evidence of calls or messages from said telephone number safely within an application.

I’m not entirely sure in exactly what circumstances you would use this application, but for those times that you find yourself in such situations, you always have this application to use at your discretion.


Price: €3.00 / £3.00