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Nokia N8 Push: Kite Flying

The N8 Push project has been gathering lots of momentum lately and has slowly progressed on to the next project, the N8 Kite Flying. If you don’t know what Nokia Push is, it’s a project where Nokia inspire with their mobile phone hacking and modding ideas in different locations around the world.

The Kite Flying project team recently received a special package at their headquarters, and had the following kit…

2 Nokia N8’s
A Nokia N8 KAP rig
A line and a winder
A Rokkaku kite

They decided to do the project in Hawaii, Polulu Valley to be more precise, which is known for its windy weather – which will obviously make the perfect location for the N8 Push Kiting project.

After they tuned their kite and after making sure their phone-to-rig communications were working as they should, Tom Benedict and his technical nous captured some of the most awesome aerial shots ever seen with the Nokia N8 – modded or not. Here’s a small preview of the outcome of the project – pretty damned awesome if you ask us!

Stay tuned to N8 Geeks for more updates about the Push N8 project(s).