Nokia N8 delayed

Nokia N8 release date delayed – AGAIN

The awesome new Nokia device, the Nokia N8 mobile phone has yet again, unfortunately, been delayed for a further few weeks due to its apparently very high and unexpected amount of pre-orders. This will probably come as no surprise to those of you who have been following Nokia N8 developments for some time now.

The N8 was announced way back in April of this year and has already had a number of different delays due to various different reasons – though having said that these such delays have been for the better, for both Nokia and for its potential buyers. It appears Nokia are doing everything they can to ensure a totally bug-free launch, which was originally due on 26th August.

Although it hasn’t been mentioned, the apparent delay is actually due to the anodizing process, which materials are used for the outer shell of the phone for certain colours.

Nokia have actually released a statement to the massive technology website, Engadget, yesterday. The statement is as follows.

“The amount of preorders has exceeded our expectations and we are working hard to deliver the Nokia N8 to the market. In some markets, we had planned to start delivering the Nokia N8s to our pre-order customers by the end of September. To ensure a great user experience, we have decided to hold the shipments for a few weeks to do some final amends. We’re thrilled with the response that we’ve had to the Nokia N8 and assure everyone who’ve pre-ordered it already that it’ll be worth the wait! We expect consumers to get their Nokia N8s during October.”

So there we have it, another delay in the Nokia N8 saga, but we all know or have at least heard of the saying; “Good things come to those that wait”. Let’s hope this phone is worth the wait.

If the phone is further delayed after this current episode, would you be prepared to wait for it again? Are you happy for Nokia to continue their delays as long as the Nokia N8 is bugged?