Nokia N8 controlled remote car

Nokia N8 remote control Mini Cooper

Almost everyone loves remote controlled cars – the kind that you control via a remote device and are able to drive it around as if you were in the driver seat. Remote controlled cars have been taken to a new level, with the ability to control your very own Mini Cooper via your Nokia N8′s touchscreen device – it’s merely a cheaper and and smaller version of the normal every day classic.

The BeeWi Bluetooth controlled car is as fun and addictive as it seems, having played with one for a few days now it’s definitely more fun that your average remote controlled car. You can either use a directional pad or the accelerometer to control the movement of the car – having the option between the two is excellent.

Build quality is rather plasticy, but is this a bad thing? Not really, as the lighter the car the better and faster the movement – sure it’d be nice to have a finely polished Mini Cooper made out of metal, but this also means it would be heavier and harder to manoeuvre and considerably slower.

To get started playing with this awesome little toy, you will have to install the software for the Beewi Mini on to your Nokia N8 or other Symbian^3 device. To install the software you will need to install the BeeWi application from the Ovi Store as the software that comes with it, on the CD, doesn’t have any Symbian related software on it. In fairness, the manufacturer should have included this information into the guide or at least on the packaging.

Once the software is downloaded simply launch the application and activate Bluetooth when prompted – make sure that your Mini Cooper S is turned on via the switch at the bottom of the car. When you’re asked onscreen to select a car, choose the BeeWi Mini and once done you’re ready to have hours of fun at will.

As mentioned earlier in the post you can control the BeeWi Mini via the onscreen steering wheel and a throttle along with brake peddles. To turn left or right, simply tap on the right or left side of the wheel and the car will instantly respond – no annoying delays. The downside to the whole experience is the inability to accelerate, break or steer all at the same time – if you could it would result in less crashes and a much more diverse driving experience.

You’re even able to steer the car by simply tilting your Nokia N8 – tilt forward for acceleration, backwards for reverse and tilt to phone left or right to steer it as you wish. With the tilting, it brings with it the ability to tilt the phone and steer simultaneously resulting in a richer and lots more fun experience.

Due to the awesomeness of the BeeWi Mini Cooper S, there’s no need to take a controller around with you, just simply your Nokia N8. You’ll also not have to charge or buy batteries, just use the phone power and recharge your Nokia N8 as necessary. So if you’re looking for a small remote controlled car for playing around the house, this is probably the best option on the market right now – especially if you have a Nokia N8 mobile phone.

If you already have one, let us know what you think of it and how it can be improved. If you don’t already have one, would you ever be interested in purchasing one, or would your money be better spent elsewhere?