Nokia N8 reviews

Nokia N8 review by Telegraph in UK

The popular newspaper giant, The Telegraph, have given their very own review of Nokia’s newest mobile phone – the Nokia N8. Surprisingly the UK newspaper has given the Nokia N8 a fair and apparently unbiased reviews, even going as far to say that it’s the best touchscreen mobile phone from the Finnish mobile giant to date and giving it an awesome 4/5 stars.

It appears that the Nokia N8 is Nokia’s first truly successful touchscreen device, if you take into account the amount of pre-orders and reviews – despite those reviews from hugely biased websites such as Engadget and Gizmodo, which in turn lead to a pummelling of half-hearted and biased reviews across the blogosphere.

The N8 has a positively excellent battery that out-lasts the likes of the iPhone 4 and Blackberry. One charge will likely keep you going for up to two days, but it’s always better to be safe then sorry and keep your Nokia N8 charged overnight.

The new operating system, Symbian 3, has been improved upon from earlier touchscreen versions and is a lot less erratic and much more accessible. A Nokia N8 definitely wouldn’t feel out of place in a businessman’s palm or even that of a college student – the phone is perfect for a huge demographic and is probably one of the reasons that the Nokia N8 has been so rampant so far with its sales.

To check out what The Telegraph had to say about the Nokia N8 then head of over to their website or click here.