RSS Feed for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 RSS Reader

If you want a simple and easy to use RSS reader to manage your news feeds (such as the one on this website) for your Nokia N8 then Nokia Reader is the perfect solution for you. It pushes the RSS feeds to your homescreen on the mobile phone, meaning you can quickly catch up on the current news.

This awesome little app is very easy to setup, too: Select your favourite feeds from a pre-populated list of the major news sources and you can add a specific feed by tapping on the website address – you will now see the RSS feed display in your feeds.

Not only this, but with the use of push notifications, the battery consumption due to this feeds is rather low and the content you see in your RSS feed will always be as fresh as you can get – no waiting hours for then out-dated news to show.


Feed directory
Push notifications
Homescreen widget
Nokia Account support

Before you get your hands on this awesome little RSS feed, it’s worth noting that Nokia Reader is only in beta mode at the moment and was created to test push notifications across the world. As you may expect from a beta product, it’s not working as flawlessly as you may hope, but it’s a great little app for free.

Price: FREE
Download: Nokia N8 RSS Feed