Nokia N8 sales plummet

Nokia N8 sales plummet – does this spell the end?

As has been reported by various outlets over the past week or so, including the likes of Forbes, it appears that our beloved Nokia N8 is rapidly becoming somewhat obsolete. Apparently, sales of the phones are nose diving to a point where many believe that the phone is already being ‘phased out’ – however how believable these stories and statistics are is another thing.

It seems there is some truth to these stories however, as the Nokia N8 at least here in the UK, has been massively discounted by various carriers with prices diving from £400+ on release day, down to now a mere £220 which is almost 50% off the launch price for Pas As You Go users. On the other side, if you’re interested in getting your hands on a Nokia N8 it now costs lower than 15 Euro’s in some European countries if taken out on a contract basis – this is good news for potential new owners, but what does it mean for the rest of us?

The phone, regardless of anyones price guide or sales figures, is still the best smart phone in the world in terms of its camera – i mean, come on, it’s a 12 megapixel camera that is built in to your phone. I personally think the lower cost per unit is only going to help build the user base around the Nokia N8, it’s a phone that appeals to almost every semi-professional photographer and amateur photographers alike – it’s a phone with a really awesome camera that can be taken with you wherever you go, what’s not to like?

On another bad note for Symbian^3 it appears that the newly released Nokia E7 smartphone isn’t getting the carrier support that was once expected. Let’s hope this doesn’t signal a near end for Symbian^3 and more to the point, the Nokia N8 itself.

What are your opinions about this story? Do you think we’ll see the Nokia N8 around for a few years to come, or do you think along with many media outlets, that this may well be the end for sales of the Nokia N8?