Nokia N8 save battery

Nokia N8 save battery life

The battery is an integral part of any mobile phone and phones that have bad battery life generally don’t last long in the consumer market or in my pocket either. To help those of you who want to squeeze as much battery out of your Nokia N8 that you can, we’ve written this article to help extend your battery life. There’s nothing more annoying than your phone dying in the middle of a vital telephone call, or when you’re playing a tense game of Angry Birds.

You can either use the advice listed in this article a) all the time or b) when your battery reaches a certain threshold of your own choosing – for example when it’s half way depleted, you may feel that it would be best used when you need to save battery the most.

  • Brightess – The first and most battery intensive side of your Nokia N8 is the screen brightness, which the higher it is set the more battery it uses. You may not visually notice differences when you lower the setting, but be rest assured that it will save you battery in the long term, over the matter of a day. To do this go to Menu > Settings > Phone > Display and then slide the slider below “Light sensor” as low as you can, as long as you’re comfortable with that setting.
  • Background Image (screen saver) – Whilst it’s nice to have a background image on the screen for when your phone is locked, such as the clock display, animations, music player etc, sadly is takes up valuable battery when it’s needed most. To turn the option off, go to Menu > Settings > Themes > Screen saver > None.
  • Bluetooth – This connectivity feature is one of the most useful aspects of the Nokia N8 and other mobile phones, especially if you love sharing pictures and other files with your friends and family. The only problem is, it consumes a fair amount of battery, even when it’s not in use – so to fix this annoyance, we have to turn Bluetooth off whilst it’s not in use. To turn off Bluetooth go to Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth > Off.
  • WLAN Scanning – Your phone continually looks for a suitable WLAN whenever you’re at home or out and about, which as you can imagine consumes battery to a certain degree. You can make the Nokia N8 never show the availability of nearby WiFi networks, which as stated above saves battery. To set the WLAN scanning off, go to Menu > Settings > Connectivity > WLAN > Options > Settings > Tap “Always” under “Show WLAN availability” and ensure it says “Never”. If you want to look for a WiFi network in future, you can do so simply by going to WLAN under the Connectivity setting.
  • Screen lock and light time-out – When you leave your phone for a period of time, your phone will automatically lock itself, however whilst you’re waiting for that to happen it eats away at your much needed battery. To stop the screen lock from taking too long to lock, do the following – go to Menu > Settings > Screen/keylock time-out and set it to its lowest setting if its not already done. Now, in the same place as above you will see the “Light time-out” option, this basically dictates how long until your display dims – choose the lowest option that you’re comfortable with, 10 seconds will be fine whereas 30 seconds if the default option.
  • Sensors – This is a great feature of the Nokia N8, the ability for your screen to dim when you’re in well lit areas. You should always make sure this is enabled, unless it either really annoys you or you’re just not too fussed on saving that little extra battery. To turn it on (if it’s not already) go to Menu > Settings > Phone > Sensors > Tap the box below “Sensors” and ensure it says “On”.
  • Notification Lights – When you receive a missed call or new message on your Nokia N8, you will see a notification light until you check out your notifications, unless of course you decide to turn them off. To turn them off and save a little battery, go to Menu > Settings > Phone > Notification lights > Notification light and tap below “Blink light for” and choose a lower option than is already stated – the lowest option you’re comfortable with.
  • Everything you see above will help towards saving vital battery and some may effect battery usage more than others, but with that said you can always decide to change whichever settings above that you feel are most relevant and needed for you. You don’t have to do every single thing that’s listed, just choose which ones you’re comfortable editing and just do that – you should definitely notice your battery lasting longer in the long run. Even if you don’t physically notice your battery lasting longer, it definitely will be.