SMS Magnifier for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 SMS magnifier

SMS Magnifier, available for Nokia N8 mobile phones does exactly what the name suggests it does: It magnifies the font size of the SMS. People who wear glasses may find this particularly useful, especially if you have two sets of glasses – one for reading, the other other day-to-day duties. Even if you don’t wear glasses, you will find this app useful nonetheless.

SMS Magnifier is a mobile app for Nokia touchscreen devices that simply does what its title suggests: It magnifies the type size of SMS text messages.

So, no longer hunting for your reading glasses, simply open up the text message and it’ll be instantly readable without the need for those pesky glasses. It’s also good for other vision impaired people, as you may not need to use your glasses to see the type (even if they’re not just your reading glasses).

SMS Magnifier for the Nokia N8 keeps the font size as large as it was on the original message, when you view an incoming message from friends, colleagues or family.

The settings are simple to follow as there are just two options to choose from: Auto popup and Autostart on boot, tapping your preferred choice to activate it. If you decide you want to use Auto popup, all of your incoming text messages will open within the SMS Magnifier app. When you choose the other option, the app will automatically launch upon turning on or restarting your Nokia N8.

Let us know what you think of the application if you decide to purchase and install.

Price: €1.50 / £1.50
Download: SMS Magnifier for Nokia N8