Mac OS X Nokia Software Updater

Nokia N8 Software updater for Mac

At long last, Nokia have released the software updater for the Nokia N8 and other Nokia devices for those of us who use the Mac operating system. It has been released for the Mac OS X, which is a commonly used operating system and slowly but surely taking market share from its competitor, Windows. The software is actually in its beta stages and is going through the run of the mill over at Nokia Beta Labs – so you can download it and take a look at the software yourself.

As it’s still a beta version, there will still be bugs as you could imagine. The guys over at Beta Labs recommend reading the instructions prior to installation and use, regardless of if your an advanced Mac user or not – it stops any potential issues or software corruptions occurring – which let’s face it, you don’t want.

If you’re currently using the new Mac OS X Tiger for developers, then you may run into a number of issues with the software updater, so it’s recommended not using it until a stable release has been released – but feel free to try it out at your own risk (your computer wont blow up or randomly corrupt, so don’t worry about that).

According to Nokia, there will even be a Linux version later on in the year. But for now, at least we have a way to update our Nokia N8′s on the Mac OS X, which we’ve been waiting for for quite some time now here at N8 Geeks.

If you’ve downloaded it and are using it, let us know how it’s running for you and how you feel it could be improved.