Nokia N8 price cut

Nokia N8 successor next year?

So the Nokia N8 has been around for over a year now and the phone has competed with the best in the market, however Nokia have already hinted that a successor to the Nokia N8 could be released next year, we reported earlier this year that a Nokia N8-01 may be released this year but time has told us that this won’t be happening, at least not yet.

Sadly as far as Nokia go, we can only take what they say for granted and shouldn’t ever expect something from, but rather wait until we see it with our own eyes. Only time will tell if we see a successor, however the popularity of the Nokia N8 and the Symbian^3 operating system speaks for itself, so it would probably be in their best interests to give us, the consumer, what we want (not that they usually do).

Anyway, looking to the future we could come to expect the following from any successor to the Nokia N8;

  • Possibly higher res screen
  • Bigger sensor
  • More megapixels
  • optical zoom
  • 1080p

Whilst having more megapixel packed in to our cameras isn’t really an essential part of the technical side of a cameras quality, it’s still good for any marketing campaign they launch for the new handset. I’d absolutely love to see a bigger sensor and 1080p however, that would give us the ideal phone for casual use and casual photography – much like the Nokia N8 we currently have – hopefully we will have an awesome new toy to play with.