How to install a theme on Nokia N8

Q: How do i install a theme on my Nokia N8?


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Adding themes to your Nokia N8 is a fairly simple process, even for the most amateur phone users out there. Themes are a great way to personalise your mobile phone, to give it a look and feel that suits your personality. To install a theme on your Nokia N8, follow the instructions as below.

1) The first thing you need to do is download a theme that is compatible with your Nokia N8 - you can find lots of awesome themes here on our website, all of which are free of charge. To check out the themes, click here.

2) Now that you have a theme you will need to extract the theme file from the .ZIP file. To do this, you need a compression utility to open the .ZIP file. Most people already have such software already installed on their computers, but if you haven't, I suggest using either WinRar (PC) or UnRarX (Mac) - both are totally free to download.

3) Now you need to ensure you have installed Nokia PC Suite software that comes with your Nokia N8 (or File Manager), if you do not have Nokia PC Suite installed you can download it for free from here.

4) Now connect your phone to your computer via the USB cable or a Bluetooth adapter, which are very cheap these days. Now select "PC Suite" mode on your Nokia N8 - the phone should now be connected to the PC, an on-screen notification should show this.

5) Double-click on the .sis file that you just download, it should now say "Install application on phone?", click on "Yes".

6) The phone will ask you is the theme should be installed on the phone memory or a memory card - choose one depending on your particular preference and dependant on free space. It is recommended that you install the themes on the mobile phone's memory itself, though only do this if you have enough free space available.

That's it, you have now successfully installed the theme to your Nokia N8. You will now be able to locate the theme in the Settings > Themes area on your mobile phone. If you want to download some really awesome themes, free of charge, check out the themes section on our website which can be found here.