Ting for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Ting! review

Review time again. This time we’re reviewing the application called Ting! for the Nokia N8, which is an app that allows you show full screen photos of your contacts during incoming and outgoing phone calls – also when you receive a SMS or MMS. This is just another application is long array of apps that allows you to customise your Nokia N8 to your hearts content – this is one thing I absolutely love about the phone, it’s ability to customise and personalise.

With Ting! for the Nokia N8, you can either add one or several different pictures of your friends, family or colleagues to their contact card and lets you enjoy slideshows that appear as opposed to the standard and very boring call or SMS screen.

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Once installed, the application offers various features and accessibility options such as the ability to rotate a photo once assigned to a contact and even add several photos at a time to each contact. There is also the expected ability to be able to enable and disable Ting! at will via the application menu, so if you want to toggle between using it or not you can with the upmost ease.


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Price: €4.00 / £4.00
Download: Ting! for the Nokia N8