Nokia N8 to get 30 FPS recording

Nokia N8 to get 30fps video recording

Yep, you heard me right. The hugely popular Nokia N8 is due to get 30fps video recording without the need to ‘hack’ your phone via the various methods that are available these days. When the phone was first launched it was marketed heavily with it’s 12 megapixel camera being the main feature, making it the best camera phone in the world and genuinely a lovely phone to have as your every day point of contact.

So with the massively anticipated Symbian Anna update just around the corner, it will bring with it lots of new performance improvements such as the browsing experience and much more.

At the moment the Nokia N8 shoots video at 720p HD at 24 FPS and as we know most handsets have at least a 30 FPS recording capability, leaving the Nokia N8 behind – though this shouldn’t be the case for the worlds best camera on a smartphone. Along with this we should see a continuous autofocus on the camera, which should improve the performance considerably.

There’s already an application available on the Ovi Store that allows you to autofocus continuously; however it’s about time that Nokia realised the Nokia N8′s shortcomings and done something about it. After all the best kind of updates are those straight from the manufacturer rather than 3rd part ‘hacks’ and what-not.