Nokia N8 price cut

Nokia N8 to get price cut

If you’ve not yet got your hands on a Nokia N8 yet, then there’s good news for you. The Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices are to have their prices cut by 15% in the very near future – however these price cuts are aimed at the European market, in an attempt for Nokia to try and regain some lost ground, lost consumer confidence and try to get their handsets ‘out there’, so-to-speak.

A major reason for these price cuts is indeed due to the increased competition in the smartphone market, as we all know, the smartphone market is an ever growing industry and Nokia are seemingly losing ground each and every day to their competitors such as Apple.

The reason Nokia are taking the step to reduce the prices of handsets such as the Nokia N8, Nokia E6 and Nokia C7 as mentioned priorly, is due to more competition in the high-end devices that have flooded the market recently and seemingly Nokia have noticed this and plan to counteract it with the price reduction in a few of its popular handsets – probably a good idea if they’re to recoup a little lost ground.

If you live in the US then i’m afraid there’s no good news for you, the price of the Nokia N8 is due to stay the same – with that said though, you lucky guys often get mobile phones far cheaper than European countries such as the United Kingdom, for example.

It’s still not exactly clear as to when Nokia will be slashing the prices, but we can definitely expect it to be very soon, it wouldn’t make good business sense to wait a few months to start marketing the reduced prices. Nobody yet knows what this price reduction will actually do in terms of sales, but I would imagine there will be a number of people eager to get their hands on the Nokia N8 in particular – it’s camera is still the most powerful in the smartphone market today.

With the reduced prices, will you be getting your hands on a Nokia N8?

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