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Nokia N8 Top 10 themes

The Nokia N8 is an amazing piece of hardware, so why do some people abuse their user interfaces with the boring default themes? The guys over at Tehkseven have released a blog post recently highlighting 10 of the best Nokia N8 themes that are hosted over on their site – so that’s 10 great reasons to give your phone the sleek look it not only craves but deserves. Check out 4 of the 10 themes below to spice up your mobile phone – oh we forgot to mention, the themes are created by some of the best Nokia themers on the planet, so check ‘em out now!

If you’re looking for more great Nokia N8 themes by amazingly talented themers such as sam1374 and ind190, then check out Tehkseven, they have a dedicated team of themers that tirelessly work to create themes for you to use to your advantage and give your mobile phone a look that fits with your own personality.

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