SymTorrent for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 torrent downloader app

Torrents are a useful form of downloading files, which many people abuse to download illegally shared files, which of course we do not endorse – but for those who want a torrent application on their Nokia N8 this will be rather useful. Until recently if you ever wanted a torrent downloading utility on your Nokia N8, you’d have to pay a price, however SymTorrent is a great free alternative.

SymTorrent allows you to download files using torrents, which are usually exclusive to Windows or Mac-based operating systems. This application is a torrent client that has been ported to Symbian^3 from earlier version of the Symbian OS – it’s a great application for any Nokia N8 user to have. You can download files at high speed directly from your mobile phone with quick ease of use.

SymTorrent has a very simple interface and a few limited functions. Before you are able to use the app, you will need to download the torrent you wish to your Nokia N8 and then locate it with the application itself. Unfortunately the application does not have torrent search/download function inbuilt, however this isn’t a major issue by any stretch of imagination. One really annoying issue with SymTorrent is that when you are attempting to locate the torrent files, you aren’t able to access the mass storage memory of the phone. So when saving torrents you should ensure that you save them on to the phone, either on the phone memory itself or on a memory card.

Other than the aforementioned issues, the application is an excellent and useful application that works wonderfully on the Nokia N8. It’s possible to download any amount of data through the torrent on your phone, though only via the E:\BitTorrent folder. The folder in which the files are downloaded to is fixed as the mass storage and can only be changed to the memory card or phone memory – so just leave it exactly how it is.

Although SymTorrent was initially accepted and allowed on the Ovi Store after passing quality assurance, it has now been removed however it can still be installed using the installer which can be downloaded below. It was removed from the Ovi Store as it allowed the downloading of illegal files, however we believe that’s a little harsh since it was initially allowed on the store – oh well, at least it’s still available to the public. An official download from the publisher will be released in the coming weeks and will be replaced with the below download.

Download SymTorrent (25323)