Nokia N8 tripod and stand

Nokia N8 tripod camera stand

Jay over at MyNokiaBlog has put together a must have accessory for the Nokia N8 – a tripod camera stand, which is great for shooting photos or videos without any movement, but still retaining full manoeuvrability.

There’s many images and a guide for those who want to create a relatively inexpensive tripod and camera stand over at their website, check it out if you’d rather DIY that pay in excess of €100 / £100 in stores, especially so in the UK.

The advantages of the tripod

  • The tripod is movable in two places: The arm, which goes sideways to position your phone and the other vertical that has a spring in it grab the phone.
  • Padding at the bottom to hold your phone without scratching.
  • Screw is placed at the bottom, below the spring arm.