Nokia N8 used as in-car HUD GPS system

Nokia N8 used with in-car HUD

As most of us already know, the Nokia N8 is a very powerful device that serves for many different purposes – not least its ability to make and receive telephone calls. Imagine our surprise when we heard about this guy, who replaced his in-car satellite navigation GPS system with a Nokia N8.

The person who owns the Nokia N8 and Honda car was tired of his useless in-car HUD, so he came up with an ingenious idea – to hook up a Nokia N8 to his in-car HUD to serve as a satellite navigation system. With the free Ovi Maps feature with voice navigation, the owner now has a great way to use his Ovi Maps to the max whilst in the car.

The audio is received via Bluetooth, so he his music, videos, phone calls and sat nav all integrated into his HUD – a pretty amazing idea if we do say so ourselves. The owner of the Nokia N8 and Honda had this to say;

“The maps in my gps car were very old and without features (traffic, speed cams, etc…) and I was always using Ovi Maps to drive so I replace the HUD of my car with one to connect my Nokia N8 device. The audio goes through Bluetooth so music, videos, phone calls or Gps sounds are integrated with my radioCar”.

Check out his video below.