Nokia N8 user manual available

It’s not often that a company releases a manual on one of its products before its actual release date, but Nokia have done exactly that with the Nokia N8. It seems they have released the Nokia N8 user manual, but what has made them do such a thing you ask? Well it’s likely that it was done to allow potential buyers to inspect the phone, its features and everything else that is within a normal user manual – basically giving the potential purchaser an insight into what he or she may be paying for.

The apparent ‘final release’ of the manual offers a lot of in-depth information on the phone and can be downloaded toward the end of the article.

The user manual doesn’t provide information on how to remove the battery, which would indicate that it wasn’t user replaceable. However a few weeks back we reported that the Nokia N8 battery is removable – so whether it is replaceable, but Nokia for some reason don’t want us replacing it, or whether these reports were false are still unknown. This means the user could have only one option when their phone freezes – press the power button 8 seconds and wait for the phone to vibrate 3 times, which signals a restart.

Like many Nokia users, I hope that the Nokia N8 doesn’t go down the iPhone way of thinking in terms of battery – a user replaceable battery is always better – so when your phone battery simply loses its ability to hold a charge, you can at least purchase a new battery and install it yourself without the requirement of getting an expert to fit it for you.

Though with that said, mobile handsets such as the iPhone have never caused issue to me personally – if the phone freezes, it always has a fail-safe, which is to hold the home and power button until the phone resets and voila, it works again, just like normal.

To check out the user manual, click the following link to download it or you can view the .pdf on the website, live, below;

After viewing the .pdf user manual, has it made any difference to your views on the Nokia N8 and has it changed your mind about purchasing the handset?

Nokia N8 User Manual